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December 14, 2012


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I'm only writing this because you wanted the discussion, you asked to expose the holes, so here it goes:

I am on your side but I have to bring up, and god it pains to even say anything against anything that would stop guns on this day above all days, but this kind of tracking technology; when you say "Only people with something to hide would balk at this proposal." ?

When I read that, all I heard were the issues liberals believe in protecting for privacy: why not pee in a cup when you get any job? If you did nothing wrong you've got nothing to hide. A gun tracking chip is even further down the patriot act road than the patriot act is right now.

Gun tracking, gun locks, ending waiting loopholes like no waiting periods at gun shows, not being allowed to buy more than 1 gun every month or whatever time period, much stricter background checks and laws for those who shouldn't have guns to in no way find a loophole to get one.. etc... All of these are responsibility laws that make sense without getting privacy involved and handing over even more rights needlessly. The precedent of that kind of tracking software requirement is constitutionally too much, especially when we have all these other options to take still.

If an amendment to the constitution would get rid of the 2nd amendment I'd even be for that, don't get me wrong. I just want to build on our (other) rights, not take them away even for the sake of something as important as this.

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